The Journey of Mindfulness with Chinese Tea #2

oriento 2Zw6etWE 4M unsplash The Journey of Mindfulness with Chinese Tea #2

Part 2: Mindfulness Check in with your body

Welcome back to mindfulness with Tea, we hoped you had a good few weeks and you are ready continue to be one with tea. As you complete your conscious breathing exercise, make sure you are still seated in a comfortable position in a nice quiet environment.

Step 1: Continue breathing until your breath returns to its natural rhythm. You may close your eyes for a deeper immersive experience.

Step 2: Invite your mind to do a little check-in with yourself before your cup of Chinese tea. Think about these thoughts while you are gently breathing,

“How is your body feeling right now?”

“Where does your body feel tight?”

“Where does your body feel relaxed?”

“Where does your body feel tired, or invigorated?”

Let your mind speak in a gentle voice to your body, like you are talking to a dear friend or a loved one.

Step 3: When you have a good sense of how your body is feeling, gently open your eyes and put your fingers around your warm cup of tea.

Step 4: Gently congratulate yourself for taking the time to be mindful, to do this check-in exercise to be one step closer to Tea.

Reflection point: Looking at your check-in session, what thoughts came to your mind as you were asking yourself those questions?

Stay tuned to our third part Mindfulness with Tea!

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Wherever you are, be there totally.

L1000395 The Journey of Mindfulness with Chinese Tea #2

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