Tea Appreciation Workshop

Beyond tea sampling lies a profound history and philosophy of the ancient art of tea appreciation, which we believe is best uncovered through learning. Whether you are tea sommelier or simply curious about tea, Tea Chapter believes that anyone can learn and appreciate its fascinating culture, just like how our founding members fell in love with the art quite by chance.

Tea appreciation courses and workshops are offered at the Tea Chapter to divulge the intricate art to our customers. These private sessions are specially designed to most optimally engage each individual through a personal and tailored delivery of instruction. With each programme, you will be introduced to the origins of Chinese tea, distinctive characteristics of the tea portfolio and the modalities of appreciation and creation. Choose from two key types of programmes, educational or exposure, for an instructive deep dive or a leisurely introduction to Chinese tea culture.

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Please note that programmes require a minimum of two individuals to participate.

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On a yearly basis, over 10,000 students learn to brew and appreciate a variety of Chinese tea. These youth courses are carefully designed with interactivity and relevance in mind, with a clear purpose of encouraging students to initiate access to Chinese culture and heritage, especially in an increasingly saturated modern world.

Presently, two distinct packages are offered to students to educate them on the various tenets of tea culture, particularly via a localised focus on gaining hands-on experience in tea making and handicraft.

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Corporate workshops are offered at the Tea Chapter to provide exposure to Chinese tea appreciation and as meaningful team-building activities or relaxing company retreats. Workshops can be hosted both in the teahouse or off-site according to your company’s preference. Programmes can be further customised to fit the activity’s specific objectives, such as for meetings and even speed-dating events and Amazing Race pit stops.

Three basic Tea Art Demonstration packages are offered with different choices in menu items. Each package includes a verbal presentation tea history, tea art demonstrations, an introduction to the modalities of tea appreciation and a hands-on session, with guidance by our qualified instructors.

Programme outline

  1. Comprehensive Tea Talk: history of tea
  • Discovery of by Emperor Shen Nong
  • Tea history from the Tang to Ming dynasties
  • Preparation and consumption of tea through the centuries in ancient China
  1. Process of making tea leaves: types of teas and their benefits
  • Characteristics and benefits of green, white, yellow, Oolong, red, black and floral teas
  1. Introduction to the traditional tea set: tea utensils and their functions
  2. Tea Art Demonstration: steps to traditional tea brewing
  3. Tea Art Appreciation: appreciating colour, aroma and the taste of the brew
  4. Hands-on session

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Corporate venue rentals are available upon enquiry.

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Please note that all corporate programmes require an attendance of 20-40 participants. An additional SGD$200.00 venue rental fee applies for groups with less than 40 participants.