The Journey of Mindfulness with Chinese Tea #1

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Rushing and instant gratification has gradually become the norm of the our current society. Take a step back and appreciate the present with a breather to unwind your soul.

Mindfulness with Tea is a few part series where you slowly integrate mindfulness into tea drinking. Take the first step and join us in a path of mindfulness with Tea.  

Part 1: In this brief breathing exercise, it is designed to help us slow down, get present before we sit down for a cup of tea. Many of move about so quickly throughout the day, so it is a lovely occasion to take a moment to press pause and reset before we engage in tea drinking, so we can really be present and be one with our tea.

Step 1: Set the scene, sit yourself in a comfortable quiet physical position at home or at a teahouse. Start by slowing down your breathing. Your breath is a powerful instrument. Slowing down your breathing before drinking your tea allows you to be present and enjoy your tea to the fullest. It also helps your body transition into a more tranquil state, so your taste palate and digestion performs at its very best.

Step 2: Bring your attention to your breaths as you breathe in and out. Close your eyes and notice how your body is breathing, where you feel it the most. As you continue to breathe, you will start noticing your body’s natural way of breathing.

Step 3: Slowly and gradually let yourself extend your inhaled breath. Start taking in a little more breath as your body breathes in and then pause. After that, exhale out slightly slower than your body naturally would. Do this at your pace and timing. (You may do this extended breathing for 3-5x times)

Step 4: As you continue with your extended breathing. Remember to keep your face relaxed and soft at ease. If your shoulders feel tense, breathe out the tension and keep it melted down. Remember, it is all about letting everything slow down.

Step 5: Once you are done with your extended breathing, allow your eyes to blink themselves open and congratulate yourself for taking the time to be mindful, to do this breathing exercise to be one step closer to Chinese Tea.

Reflection point: Look back and notice how this little breathing exercise has had on your body and your mind. Do you feel a little calmer and clear-headed?

Stay tuned to our second part of Mindfulness with Tea!

Brewing Tea 1 The Journey of Mindfulness with Chinese Tea #1

In the meantime, we will leave you with one of our favourite quotes:

In the world of doing doing doing, it is important to take a moment to just breathe, to just simply be.