Health Benefits of Chinese Tea

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Many people these days are not aware of the health benefits that come along with drinking Chinese tea. Chinese tea has been recognized as an antioxidant that helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels, and it can also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Today, we will be discussing the various health benefits associated with drinking this type of tea.

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Chinese tea helps increase brain power

Drinking tea is more than just a tradition. It can also help you increase your brain power. With the combination of caffeine and L-theanine, it provides energy and regulates sleep patterns.

Some of the brain boosting benefits of tea include improved memory, enhance cognitive functions, and improved moods. The main reason for the boost in brain power is due to L-theanine which is found in green tea. L-theanine has been proven to increase alpha waves which are associated with concentration span and attention spans.

Tea drinking dates back centuries ago when it was discovered by Buddhist monks in China who drank it for its medicinal properties. Tea has been known to have many health benefits including anti-aging properties, but many don’t realize that it can also help boost brain power.

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Decreases risk of heart attack by 30%

A study was conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong to determine the effects of drinking tea on the body. It was found that when compared to those who did not drink tea, those who drank tea had a 30% decrease in risk of heart attack.

The researchers followed up with participants from a large-scale population-based health promotion project in Hong Kong for over six years. When they analyzed data from more than 69,000 participants, they found that people who drank more than four cups of tea per day were 30% less likely to have a heart attack than those who never or rarely drank tea.

Promotes a healthy weight and mood balance

Tea is an indispensable part of Chinese life. It has developed into a cultural symbol, a daily beverage and an art form. Chinese Tea is used for various purposes in Chinese culture. For example, there are times when tea is consumed as a beverage, while in other cases it is used for religious ceremonies or as decoration.

The following benefits have been discovered by the research done on the links between tea and health:

  1. It promotes weight management by decreasing appetite and increasing fat oxidation.
  2. It helps improve mood balance by providing antioxidants that reduce inflammation in the brain.
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Enhances memory and improves concentration

Drinking Chinese tea has been shown to have many health benefits. One of these benefits is the ability to improve memory. It is said that the amino acid L-theanine in tea improves memory and concentration by increasing alpha waves, which are responsible for feelings of relaxation.

It has also been shown that tea can inhibit oxidative stress and help with cognitive impairment, a condition where people find it difficult to think clearly or perform everyday tasks because their brain does not function properly.

Reduces risk of stroke by 10%

Researchers found that drinking tea reduces the risk of stroke by 10%.

A study conducted in China and published in the journal Stroke found that people who drank tea regularly for at least three years cut their risk of stroke by 10%. The research examined a group of 65,917 adults in China. The researchers found a 10% decrease in the number of strokes for those who drank tea, specifically Chinese tea and green tea.

The research team is not certain how drinking green tea lowers stroke risk, but they speculate that it might be because green tea contains polyphenols and other natural antioxidants which have been shown to improve the function of our blood vessels and increase blood flow.