The Journey of Mindfulness with Chinese Tea #3

wang min full The Journey of Mindfulness with Chinese Tea #3
wang min full The Journey of Mindfulness with Chinese Tea #3

Part #3: The Journey of Mindfulness with Chinese Tea

Welcome back to our final mindfulness session with Chinese Tea, we hoped you had a good few weeks and you are ready continue to be one with tea. As you complete your check-in with your body, continue to make sure you are still seated in a comfortable position in a nice quiet environment.

Step 1: Gently hold the warm cup of tea in your hands and continue to take in long gentle breaths.

Step 2: Take the time to think about the tea that you are about to consume. Let your mind consider these thoughts:

“Consider where your packet of tea leaves came from, where did you get the tea leaves from? Was it from a local supermarket or from a teahouse? How was the tea leaves transported? Was it transported by plane, sea or by a truck?”

“Where were these tea leaves grown? Did it take a long process for them to grow? How long would one packet of tea leaves take to grow?”

“How was it harvested and tended to? Did it take a lot of farmers to water them and monitor them? At what temperature were these tea leaves harvested? Which country did my tea leaves come from?”

“Think far back to the point where the tea leaves were just a tiny little seed, or a cell of new life, and the fertile soil and nutrients that nurtured these tea leaves. Did the farmers add in a lot of fertilisers to the soil to ensure optimum growth of the tea leaves?”

Step 3: While thinking of the above thoughts, take a moment to really consider all of the hands and all the steps and processes to bring this bag tea leaves to its current form of Chinese tea which is going to be consumed entirely by you.

Step 4: As you gently bring the tea cup to your lips, with each sip, think of the journey that this Chinese tea is going to take through your digestive system. Savour and immerse yourself in the incredible fragrant taste of the tea that has come alive on your lips and your tongue. As you gently let it trickle down your throat, think about how it will go through an incredible journey through your system and be utilised as energy that will soon invigorate and revitalise your whole body.

Step 5: As you look back at this amazing journey that you had with your cup of Chinese tea, think about how grateful you are to have this safe space and time for this lovely journey to take place. As you breathe in and continue to take more sips of your Chinese tea, continue to have a great sense of calm and gratitude that you have the ability to taste the bitter or fragrant tones of your Chinese tea.

Lastly, when you are ready, take one last deep breath and gently look at your cup of Chinese tea and let yourself enjoy the last sips of your tea. You may repeat the above process if you wish you brew yourself another cup of Chinese Tea.

Thank you for reading and we hoped that you have had an amazing experience coming along with us on our journey on being mindful with Chinese tea.

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