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Chinese New Year Myths and Traditions

Tradition of Pineapple Tarts Not many people know about this, but Singapore was once an important centre of the global pineapple canning industry. Pineapples first originated from South America until Christopher Columbus brought them across the Atlantic to Europe by 1493. 100 years later, the well-travelled Portuguese then introduced this sweet and sour juicy fruit […]

Do you know what is the story behind mooncake?

liu bo wen zhu yuanzhang Do you know what is the story behind mooncake?

Tea is a spiritual refreshment. Usually, the moon during mid-autumn is the most beautiful and is well paired with tea. According to a Chinese legend, mooncakes were used by the Ming revolutionaries. It happened during the Yuan Dynasty where it was ruled by the Mongolians from the North. It was said that a Han Chinese […]