What is Pu Erh Tea?

Tea Chapter 28th Anniversary Compress Tea (Raw Green Pu Er)

Exclusively made at the exact birthplace of the tea, the age-old Pu Erh Tea brings with it the thousands of centuries of traditional mastery in producing fine tea from a meticulous selection of the best leaves to unique styles in fermentation, drying, and rolling.

Along with its flavor and aroma, it brings the rich Chinese culture and history to the delicate taste buds of a privileged few: how serendipity paved the way to make one of the most prestigious beverages sought after today. And how wars and fortunes were turned over by its control.

The exotic tea gets its punch from its unique fermentation process. And the result is a progressive post-fermentation feature, comparable to fine wine, in which the quality gets better with time. The best of its kind is kept for 15 years before consuming, contrary to most teas that are best consumed right after.

sergey norkov 6Jg8pCEQ1xA unsplash What is Pu Erh Tea?


For a tea to be worthy of being called Pu Erh, it has to be born into it by a large leafy plant called Camellia Sinesis var. assamica which grows only in the Southwestern part of China. Leaves are lightly plucked to avoid bruising and early oxidation. Then, the leaves are dry roasted into a large wok that suspends the oxidation, but not too much to still let the good bacteria thrive.

Afterward, production diverges to either two approaches, depending on the target market and purpose:

1) The Sheng style is the traditional fermentation process which takes around 15-20 years, or longer, to achieve the desired rich and deep flavor of Pu Erh Tea. Traditional drinkers prefer this style as it honors the long-established method of production.; while

2) the Shou style utilizes a catalyzed fermentation approach through the incorporation of necessary heat, moisture, and bacteria to hasten the process to be ready for consumption after just one and a half years. Between the two, Shou style doesn’t come cheap, having over at least 15 years just to get it to the right level.

anthony tran VFRnW1ui5xc unsplash What is Pu Erh Tea?


Pu Erh Tea is great for the mind as it is good for the soul. It stimulates the brain, enhancing focus, awareness, and critical thinking. Whether you’re planning to kick-start an important day or just want to wash out last night’s hang-over, the bodacious booze guarantees its wonders.

The body would be happy to take its fair share of benefits from the mystical brew. Pu Erh Tea by itself, or even as a blend, is widely believed to promote healthy weight loss by regulating the creation of new fats while burning the excess stored ones.

The fermented tea provides more benefits than the usual dried and brewed teas. Found in fermented goodies, probiotics, the good bacteria, are proven to improve multiple areas of the body including the digestive, cardiovascular, and immune system – enhancing overall health and well-being.

Additional for the legume lovers, Pu Erh Tea helps balance out the antinutrients found in the seeds, nuts, grains, and the like which tend to inhibit optimal nutrient absorption.

Pu Erh Tea is a grown-up man’s drink, not for the little kids. It’s different from the traditional flowery, light, and sweet caress normal teas are known. Rather, it immerses the drinker into the multi-layered experience of depth, maturity, and density. It’s not a drink for all, but only for the most serious advocates of fine Chinese tea drinking.