How Tea Egg is cooked?

chinese tea eggs 7 1 How Tea Egg is cooked?

Tea egg is a boiled egg that is boiled again in savory liquid with spices and tea. It is a popular savory snack among the Chinese communities. Not to forget, it is also one of our Tea Chapter’s specialty that has satisfied many customers’ taste buds.

The process of cooking tea eggs sounds simple but to be more aromatic flavorful, you have to put in some effort in doing so.

First, pick some big fresh eggs. Wash them clean and let them boil in water until it is 80% cooked. While waiting for the eggs to be cooked, gather all the ingredients, and put them inside a cloth bag.

The ingredients include star anise, cinnamon, Szechuan peppercorns, Oolong tea, and rock sugar. The reason for using premium Oolong tea is because it needs to be simmered in the mixture for a long time to achieve fragrant and smooth broth.   

Once the eggs are cooked, scoop them out and gently crack the shell of each egg so that a marbling effect is created while brining. Be careful not to break the eggs apart. This is to allow the flavor of the sauce base to seep into the egg.

Then place the eggs and the ingredients that you have prepared into the pot and seasoned the broth with dark and light soy sauce. Let the eggs boil for 6 hours. The longer the tea eggs remain in the broth, the more flavourful and coloured they will be.