水 water

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Water is considered to be the mother of tea, while the teapot is the father of tea. What this sentence says is to drink a cup of good tea, not only tea leaves are important, water and tea utensils are very important as well.

If you want to make the most of the tea, the quality of water is very important. The difference in water quality will greatly affect the color, aroma and aftertaste of the tea. According to the experience of the ancients, there are several types of water used for making tea: spring water is superior, water from streams are average, water from rivers and wells are inferior.

If you have good water, you must know how to boil it. If you want to drink a good cup of tea, it is best to boil it freshly. Continuous boiling will make the water stale. Natural Spring water is not easily available on the market. Because most mineral water is hard water, the mineral content is too high, it is difficult to extract the true taste of tea.

Everyone can experiment with different types of water to make tea. Balanced pH or distilled water is a good choice.


如果要把茶性发挥的淋漓尽致的话,水的质量就很重要。水质的不同会对茶汤的色,香,韵影响很大。依古人的经验总结,一般用来泡茶的水可分几种: 泉水为上,溪水为中,河水和井水为下。

大家可以用不同的水来尝试泡茶。 酸碱度平衡的水或蒸馏水是个好选择。

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