How to make use of the tea residue after finishing our tea

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For those who love to drink tea, usually, after you have finished drinking the tea, don’t you just throw away the used tea leaves. Why not reuse these tea residues. You will be amazed by the effectiveness of the used tea leaves.

(1) Mop deodorization – Pour the tea residue into a bucket filled with warm water, after which put the mop inside for about 15 minutes to sterilize and remove the odour. After that, your mop will be very clean.

(2) Relieve sunburn pain – Skin that has been sunburned will become red, swollen and sore. Soak the tea residue in ice water for a while, after which apply it to the sunburn wound to reduce the pain.

(3) Desiccant – the weather in Singapore is very humid, therefore your home is prone to moisture and mold. The leftover used tea leaves can be used as a homemade desiccant. After the used tea leaves are dried under the sun, put them into a clean cloth and tie them into small packets of dry tea leaves. The dry tea leaves are particularly absorbent and can be put into a wardrobe or kitchen to absorb moisture and prevent mold and mildew.

In this way, the remaining tea leaves can be fully utilized, turning the used tea leaf residues into a treasure.

喝完的茶叶渣如何再利用 爱喝茶的人请注意了, 通常您喝完的茶后,是不是直接把茶叶渣丢掉呢。为何不拿这些茶叶渣来废物利用。茶叶渣的功效会让您感到惊叹。

(1) 拖把布除臭法 – 将茶叶渣倒进装满温水的桶里,然后将拖把布放在里面十五分钟左右,就可以杀菌消毒、去除异味。拖把布过后就能非常干净了。

(2) 缓解皮肤晒伤 – 被烈日晒伤的皮肤,会发红肿痛,将泡完茶的茶渣放在冰水里冷泡一下,然后敷在伤口处,就可以减缓疼痛感。

(3) 当干燥剂 – 新加坡的天气潮湿,家里容易受潮发霉。这时可以把喝剩的茶叶拿来做自制的干燥剂。将喝完的茶叶晾干后,用干净的布抱起来,扎成小包装的干茶,它的吸水性特别好,放入衣柜或厨房里,能够吸收潮湿气、防止生虫发霉。