Tea in the spotlight – Dragon Well⁣ 简单茶介绍 – 龙井⁣

Dragon Well 2 Tea in the spotlight - Dragon Well⁣ 简单茶介绍 - 龙井⁣

West Lake Dragon Well is a type of green tea. The iconic Chinese green tea excels in 4 particular areas: Colour, Fragrance, Sweetness and Shape.

⁣Longjing’s production process generally includes mining, drying, kneading, and frying.⁣⁣

Picking – For a high graded Dragon Well, being handpicked essential. Timing is very particular, the earlier it is picked, the better. The period right before and after Qingming would be the best, called Ming Qian Dragon Well.⁣⁣

Drying-Put the freshly picked tea-green in a cool place for half a day to remove the excess water and rigidity in the tea-green⁣⁣.

Twisting / frying-The internal structure of Chaqing is twisted and formed by external force. But Longjing’s twisting process is completed by twisting and frying together in a mild iron pan.⁣⁣

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采摘 – 高级龙井都是手工采摘。 时间非常讲究,以早为贵。 清明前后为最好,称明前龙井。

⁣⁣晾 – 将刚採下的茶青放在阴凉处堆放半天,以去茶青里多余的水分和刚性⁣⁣

揉捻/炒制 – 透过外力将茶青的内部结构揉捻成形。但龙井的揉捻过程是在文火铁锅里揉捻和炒一起完成。

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