Supreme Grade Tie Guan Yin


Origin: Anxi, Fujian
Aroma: Chinese Orchids
Colour: Golden yellow

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Tie Guan Yin is the most well-known light fermented Oolong tea from Fu Jian An Xi of China. This medium-bodied tea is falls between green and red tea in both character and colour.

The story of Tie Guan Yin originates from a Buddhist devotee who offered tea to the Avalokitasvara Bodhisattva every morning. There was a night that he dreamt of a truly unique tea tree that was beyond his wildest imaginations. The next morning it appeared right before his eyes while he was heading to the tea plantation. Shocked and thrilled, he brought back the tree and grew it in his garden. The brew exhibited unique metallic-like colours while the tea resembled the Avalokitasvara bodhisattva. Henceforth, the tea was named *Tie Guan Yin[铁观音].

*Tie Guan Yin means the Iron Buddha of Mercy

Origin: Anxi, Fujian
Aroma: Chinese Orchids
Colour: Golden yellow

Health benefits:
• Lowers fatigue
• Prevents tooth decay

Brewing Suggestion:
For 250/350ml Infuser Cup

Time: 30 Seconds
Temp: 85°C
Weight: 6/8g
Water: 250/350ml
Brews: Can be brewed for 3 rounds (add 10 seconds for each subsequent brew)

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50g, 100g


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