Dark & Pu'er Tea

Citrus Pu’er (10pcs)


Origin: Yunnan
Aroma: Earthy and woody
Colour: Reddish-brown


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Enjoy your favourite hot or cold brew on the go!

Dark & Pu'er Tea

Liu Bao Tea Brick – 2013


Vintage: 2013
Origin: Guangxi, China
Weight: 400g


大雪山 (生茶饼)
Vintage: 2020
Origin: Da Xue Shan, Yunnan
Weight: 357g

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Dark & Pu'er Tea

Ba Nuo (Ripe Pu’er)


坝糯 (熟茶饼)
Vintage: 2020
Origin: Banuo, Yunnan
Weight: 357g

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Origin: Hangzhou
Aroma: Chestnuts or beans
Colour: Light green