(50g) Dragon Well


龙井 | Dragon Well

Origin: Hang Zhou

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The Dragon Well is a pan-fried green tea produced in the West Lake of Hang Zhou. It is said to have been named after a well that contains relatively dense water. And after rainfall, the lighter rainwater floating on its surface would exhibit a sinuous and twisting boundary with the well water, resembling the movements of a Chinese dragon. The Dragon Well exudes a refreshing aroma of roasted chestnuts or beans. This tea is rich in Vitamin C and is purported to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As a beverage that cools one down effectively, the Dragon Well is recommended if you want to take a break from the scorching heat.

Aroma: Chestnuts / Beans

Colour: Light Green

Health benefits:

  • Removes excessive heat within the body
  • Drives away fatigue
  • Prevents cancer

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