Tea Chapter


Throughout the years, Tea Chapter has been providing cultural programs to nearly 100 different schools across all education levels: Primary schools, Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Universities. On a yearly basis, over 10,000 students learn to brew and appreciate a variety of tea at Tea Chapter.

The purpose of cultural programs for students is to raise interest and awareness in Tea Appreciation, which is a integral part of our Chinese culture and Heritage, However, this art should not be limited to the Chinese; in our multi-racial society, all are welcome and encouraged to share in the beauty of Tea.

Here at Tea Chapter, we provide two distinct packages for schools.

The first is Tea Art, where students will be exposed to the origins and specifics of tea appreciation through a comprehensive and engaging hands-on experience, guided by our thoroughly-trained staff.

The second is Tea Art and Craft, where, on top of the above program, students are given additional exposure to the chosen festival’s background, history and customs through a short video , as well as a short practice with craftwork.

Please do drop us a email for prices or any further inquiries.
Email: inquiry@teachapter.com