Tea Chapter


Are you interested in Chinese Tea? Or you are keen to learn something new for self-improvement? Our Chinese Tea Art Course for individuals could very well be a fine choice for you. Just bring one of your friends to start a course (the minimum is 2 individuals). The course comprises of 4 lessons, each 2 hours in duration. As for the course fees, it will be at $380 per person with a minimum of 2 participants. Do leave your contact details with us through a simple phone call or inquiry email and we will liaise further with you on your preferred dates and timings.

*In the case of an individual participant, we will try our best to pair you up.

Throughout the course, you will be introduced to different types of teas, the styles of appreciation and the tea-creation process itself. The various benefits of drinking teas will be highlighted during our course as well. At the end, you will complete an assessment (written and practical) which entitles you to receive a lifetime VIP membership card!

Allow us to deliver an engaging and rewarding experience, and you will definitely remember this visit for many years to come.

Do drop us an email for any further inquiries.
Email: inquiry@teachapter.com

If the duration of the course is too long and you would like to gain some knowledge in a shorter time, do check out our Tea Appreciation Packages!

Tea Appreciation packages