Tea Chapter

First Flush of The Year – Ming Qian Long Jing

April 5th, 2019


Ming Qian Long Jing


Time flies, and the Spring Festival seems to have just passed. It’s time to taste the Ming Qian Long Jing.

Qingming, one of the twenty-four solar terms in China, is usually around April 5th in the solar calendar.

The appearance of Ming Qian Long Jing Tea is green and fresh, with oily shiny light hair look, straight shape, the tea is dry and pure, tea leaf fragrance is natural and elegant, the whole leaves are light green and the shape is neat.





Treasure to pick up one day, and a grass in the evening


This sentence means the importance of tea picking time. In addition to the early picking time, Ming Qian Long Jing must emphasise the tenderness and integrity. The Ming Qian Long Jing tea is like a lotus heart, so it is also called “Lian Xin”.



Preparation of Ming Qian Long Jing


Water temperature required by Ming Qian Long Jing is only 70 degrees of water temperature -Remember is that the water can’t be over boiled too much

The soaking time is usually 15 and 20 seconds. It is generally possible to brew up to 5 times. Each additional infusion of water requires an additional 2 to 3 seconds of brewing time.

水温: 70度 – 不过要记住的事项是水不可煮得过老




The correct way of storing Ming Qian Long Jing


Ming Qian Long Jing was a very delicate tea, and its life span was very short. Ming Qian Long Jing is best consumed within three months of purchase. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy more. It is best to store the former Long Jing in a cool place and to avoid the damp and hot places.


The above is a brief introduction of Ming Qian Long Jing Tea.