Tea Chapter

DIY Tea Brewing & Handicraft Workshop

March 23rd, 2017


World of Teas

Learn about the history, culture, characteristics and health benefits of the Indian Chai, Japanese Matcha, English Tea, and traditional Chinese Tea all in a single session! Guests will get to blend spices for the Indian Chai, whisk a bowl of Japanese matcha, brew a pot of English Tea, and engage in a traditional Chinese tea appreciation session. Each tea will be paired with authentic Indian snacks, Japanese Wagashi, English tea treats and oriental finger food.


Date: 9th April 2017, Sunday
23rd April 2017, Sunday
Time: 2.00pm to 5.00pm (3 hours)
Ticket: $100 per guest

Workshop II
DIY Persimmon Cloth Bag


In this two-part workshop, discover the history of tea, how tea art has evolved throughout the centuries in ancient China, get to know the types of teas, their characteristics and benefits, get acquainted with the traditional Chinese teaset, and practice brewing and appreciating tea.

In the second part, guests will make their own persimmon cloth bags to take home!

Date: 16th April 2017, Sunday
30th April 2017, Sunday
Time: 2.00pm to 5.00pm (3 hours)
Ticket: $60 per guest

Bring a friend or two!
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Exclusive Door Gifts and Light snacks are provided for both workshops!
Venue: Tea Chapter, 9A Neil Road, S(088808)

Register by dropping us an email at inquiry@teachapter.com
or call 6226 1175 / 6226 1917

Registration closes 7 days before each session