Tea Chapter

Happy 27th Birthday, Tea Chapter!

September 29th, 2016

27th Anniversary 1

It’s our anniversary!

October has always been a special month for us all.
Let’s celebrate it together over the wonderful fragrance of teas!

Here are some deals to look forward to!

27th Anniversary 3

Get our Signature Imperial Golden Cassia, Glass Tea Infuser, Dian Hong and Huang Guan Yin at only $27 each!

27th Anniversary 4

*$50 spend applies to Teahouse spending only, and does not apply to purchases from the Retail Shop

27th Anniversary 2

Share your memories of Tea Chapter with us!

Our Teahouse has been around for so long, and we have seen many friends of Tea Chapter reminiscing on how they have discovered this place many years ago when they themselves were students, and on how they have met and fallen in love with their spouse right here! We would like to collect stories and interesting accounts from all of you, so if you do have any stories to tell, do share them with us!

Email your memory to us at inquiry@teachapter.com