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August Premium Tea Selection: Rare Oriental Beauty 2000年 东方美人饼茶

July 30th, 2015

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A fan of Taiwanese Oolong Teas? We’re sharing something special with you this month – a 15 year old Oriental Beauty Tea Cake.

From our own little collection in Tea Chapter, this tea can’t be found anywhere else in Singapore. Compressed into a teacake, this champagne of teas has been lovingly kept for 15 years. Trying it, we are pleasantly surprised by its smooth, mellow sweetness, with a subtle hint of the woodiness of a black tea.

This tea is wonderfully easy to brew too! It is able to withstand higher water temperatures and longer steeping times without ever turning bitter. Round after round, the brew turns from a beautiful sunset orange to a darker chocolate brown as more of its fragrance and aroma is released.

With the added benefits of aiding weight loss, antioxidants and skin pampering properties, we are sure you’d enjoy this beauty tea as much as we do.

As a celebration of our nation’s birthday, every order of this Rare Oriental Beauty comes with a little gift!