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July Premium Tea Selection: Fu Ding Aged White 2012年福鼎老寿眉

June 29th, 2015

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You may have already tried white teas at their freshest – the Silver Needles, White Peony, etc. But have you tried an aged, 3 year old white tea cake?

Like other white teas, the Fu Ding White Tea undergoes the least oxidation processes out of all the types of teas, thus retaining its most natural character. However, its tea leaves are packed into tea cakes instead, and patiently stored aside for it to age quietly. Here it is, 3 years later, ready for everyone to enjoy its gentle and smooth honey sweetness!

It has been said that white teas that have been kept for 3 years would already begin to develop some medical properties. As fascinating as it sounds, you can simply enjoy our Fu Ding White Tea to cool down in this hot weather. Also known as a beauty tea, the vitamins and antioxidants in white teas will benefit the skin and eyes, as well as lower cholesterol and blood sugar.




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