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June Premium Tea Selection: The Mysterious Moonlit Beauty 月光白

May 31st, 2015

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云南白茶; 新制作过程 - 茶叶不能见到光。 采茶需要在夜晚, 有露水的时候采。在天亮之前就要把茶叶送回家里制作。
放在屋内晾茶3到4天,不能见光。 月光白有白茶的美容功效。

Black on one side and white on the other, the tea leaves of this Yunnan White are harvested only in the depths of night and before dawn. Throughout the tea making process, this tea has been kept from any exposure to sunlight at all.

Originally in a tea cake form, we’ve now broken it up so you can enjoy the benefits of this beauty tea without having to purchase the entire tea cake!

The Moonlit Beauty has anti-aging properties, is great for skin, aids in weight loss, and lowers cholesterol levels.


Experience the elusive Pu’er tea, only this June, while stocks last.

*Only served up at our teahouse.