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古琴 Gu Qin

September 8th, 2013




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In the long history of Chinese civilization, “Qin, Qi, Shu, Hua” (which refers to musical instrument, chess, calligraphy and painting respectively) has been regarded as the way towards self-cultivation. More often than not, the “Qin” in this case was referring to Gu Qin. Gu Qin is the oldest form of stringed instrument that originated from the Chinese and was considered to be the gem of the Chinese Culture. With its a long and rich history, Gu Qin is cherished by many and has managed to greatly influence many Chinese orchestra enthusiasts. In November 7,2003, UNESCO announced that Gu Qin as one of the masterpieces’ of oral and intangible culture of humanity.

Tea Chapter received the honour to host the current member of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Secretary of the China Nationalities Orchestra Association Professional Committee of the governing and member of the Shanghai Musicians Association, Mr Zhong Zhi Yue, at our tea house. Mr Zhong will be hosting a Gu Qin performance and sharing session every alternate Tuesdays.

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