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《WhyNot 不为什么》出版前交流会

September 8th, 2013


新文潮文学社,由五位南大中文系生齐力创办。经长时间努力,新文潮将推出一本文学杂志 《WhyNot 不为什么》,面向文学市场与新一代青年。新文潮首次举办“出版前交流会”,除了为正式发布会做好心理准备以外,也希望将创刊、编辑心得与支持者分享,并试图勾勒出新华文学的新图像。

TrendLit was formed by a group of NTU Chinese Major undergraduates. After much efforts and struggles, they are ready to launch their literary magazine, WhyNot 不为什么. The magazine aims to nurture a new generation of young readers and writers, focusing on research and market mechanism to promote Chinese literature. The “pre-launch sharing session” wishes to prepare the editors for the actual magazine launch, share editorial insights and hopes inspire our audiences with a wider vision for Singapore’s Chinese literature.