Tea Chapter

The Holy Trinity to a Good pot of Chinese Tea

August 14th, 2012

Tea. [茶]

It sounds like stating the obvious that tea of better grade would taste better than that of the inferior quality, but that isn’t the main point of this stated factor.

The Main point would be the understanding of the characteristics of tea. With this understanding, you would be able to know the correct quantity of tea leaves to be used, the suitable temperature and the perfect brewing time for a good cup of tea.


Water. [水]

The quality of the water greatly affects the taste of the tea. Spring water, Morning dew and tap water creates a totally different experience for drinkers, the same applies for coffee too. But, having said all these, it is best that the water used is of neutral pH and as tasteless as possible in order for one to experience the true taste of the tea.

The Temperature of the water is essential for a good cuppa too. This goes back to the point of understanding tea. If the water temperature is too high for a particular type of tea leaves used, the tea leaves would be scalded and an undesirable bitter aftertaste would be produced. If the temperature is too low, one would not be able to extract the taste out from the tea leaves.


Time. [时]

Ever felt that the tea was very rough in your throat? That was probably because you had brewed the tea for way too long. Time is of the next important essence. When it comes to tea brewing, it’s how you achieve “Al Dente” of that particular type of tea. Tea contains a lot of subtle and hidden flavors, so if you ever over brew it, some of its dominating characteristics will overshadow the weaker ones. On the other hand, the taste of the tea will not be produced if the waiting time is insufficient.

These are the very basics of brewing a Good pot of pot, yet they are also the most important aspect of tea brewing. After achievement of the perfection of the Holy Trinity of tea brewing, then one can truly bring out the True Taste of tea.