Tea Chapter

Tea Appreciation

July 19th, 2012

Tea appreciation is growing in popularity. Learn “Cha Dao”, the art of preparing Chinese Tea. Learn how to brew a good cup of tea, the etiquette of drinking tea and the proper use of drinking utensils. Along with appreciating the rich heritage of Chinese customs that compliments this refined art form, you will also discover the many health benefits of tea drinking and the myriad of intricate Chinese Tea flavours available.

Tea Appreciation

When served on its own, the tea is meant to be appreciated (品茶). Chinese tea appreciation has a long history and is a refined activity for personal enjoyment or with fellow tea lovers. Most tea lovers will also have a large collection of tea pots, tea sets and accessories.

Tea with Food

When tea is served with food, it is meant to be drunk as a beverage. Tea aids digestion and prevents absorption of fats into the body. Many scientific studies have presented evidence of tea’s health benefits. When friends or relatives meet for food especially dim sum, it is described as “going for tea” (喝茶).

So at Tea Chapter, we have a course for friends from overseas as well as our locals to better understand Tea appreciation. Here are the outlines to the course.

Comprehensive Presentation & Understanding of Tea Culture
  • Introduction to Chinese Tea
  • Origin and Classification of tea
  • Tea Customs and Stories
  • Benefits of Tea Drinking
Traditional Tea Art Demonstration using
  • Wooden Tea Tray
  • Yi Xing Purple Clay Tea Pot
  • Black Bamboo / Longevity Peach Porcelain Fair Cup with Drinking Sets
  • Crystal Kettle with Stove
Hands-on Experience Or
  • One set of tea utensils on each table
  • Different types of selected tea leaves supply
  • Instructions on how to brew a pot of fragrant Chinese tea

Once again. we are located at 9 Neil Road. Hope to see you soon!